Please adhere to the following guidelines when editing this Wiki.

  1. Check spelling, grammar and punctuation before publishing articles and/or making changes. Nobody's is perfect but taking a little care goes a long way into making a great article.
  2. Given the nature of this Wiki, profanity is unavoidable especially when quoting lines from the episodes, shows and film, so please refrain from using swear words unless it is absolutely necessary.
  3. Be thorough and make sure new pages are correctly categorised.
  4. Choose the correct licence/copyright options when adding photographs and videos.
  5. Take note of the way certain pages are headed and structured. Character pages have been set out in a consistent format so ideally new pages should be set out in the same manner.
  6. Take note of the use of links and bold and italicised text. Ensure new articles use these in the same way.
  7. Use of the comments fields, forums and blogs should be constructive. Any comments perceived to be rude, insulting, discriminatory or otherwise inappropriate and offensive will result in the user being blocked from editing this Wiki.
  8. Some pages and headers/sections have specific supporting articles to ensure they are completed properly. For an example, see Fluffs Guidance.

TheRothOfKhan (talk) 09:43, July 31, 2013 (UTC)

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