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Vyvyan Basterd is a main character from The Young Ones, portrayed by Adrian Edmondson. He is the psychopathic and unpredictable foil to Rik Mayall's meek and childish character Rick.

Appearance Edit

Vyvyan is a punk and dresses accordingly, sporting spiky ginger hair, multiple piercings, a denim waistcoat, studded belt, jeans and bovver boots. He also has four chrome stars seemingly embedded in his forehead, something which is unexplained by the writers.

Personality & Lifestyle Edit

Vyvyan, or "Vyv," is extremely unpredictable and often erupts into moments of excessive violence, normally resulting in vicious assaults on his flatmates or wanton destruction of household objects. He has no concept of danger and engages in reckless acts, often resulting in horrific injury to himself and others. He is a medical student at Scumbag College, however is only seen to obsess over severed limbs instead of actually studying medicine.

He has an antagonistic relationship with Rick and Neil, but looks up to Mike, who he generally addresses as "Michael." He has no qualms about starting a fight with Rick for no apparent reason, and will happily bully and boss Neil around to suit his own needs. Vyvyan is seemingly able to withstand even the most devastating of injury, evident in "Oil" when he is accidentally impaled through the head with a pickaxe. He is seen lose consciousness, but later wakes up and is able to function normally despite the pickaxe still being embedded in his skull. In "Bambi," he leans out of a train carriage window and is decapitated when the train heads into a tunnel. His headless body manages to pull the emergency cord and stop the train, allowing him to retrieve his head. As well as his indestructibility, he displays feats of superhuman strength, such as moving entire walls with his bare hands, lifting up Neil with barely any effort and destroying items of furniture with his head.

Vyvyan's mother is a barmaid down at the local pub, and he is seen to talk to her with reverence and respect. His father, however, is unidentified.

Despite his volatile nature, Vyvyan displays a degree of intelligence, being able to successfully create potions and calculate how many times he has wore a particular pair of underpants. He cannot tell the time however, requiring guidance from Mike, and takes an inordinate amount to time to assemble a relatively basic video cassette player. He is the only member of the household to own a car, a yellow Ford Anglia with flames on the side an "Vyv" daubed on the rear window.

In "Cash" Vyvyan shows his compassionate side when he believes he has become pregnant, however this soon dissipates when it is dicovered that he is just suffering from chronic flatulence. He is the only member of the household to own a pet, a Glaswegian hamster called SPG, who is equally as violent and unpredictable as his master.

Nicknames Edit

Quotes Edit

Rick: Who wants to play Botticelli?

Vyvyan: Who wants to play "Jelly Botty?" Where you have to eat eighteen curries!!"

Trivia Edit

  1. Vyvyan's inability to assemble a video cassette player in a reasonable amount of time is echoed in the Bottom episode "Carnival."

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