Summary Edit

Vicky, or Victoria, is a minor character in The New Statesman, and is portrayed by actress Serena Gordon.

Overview Edit

Vicky is one of Alan's office typists, with whom he is having a passionate affair. In "Passport To Freedom," they both stumble into a hotel room at the Heathrow Grange and start making love. In the midst of disrobing, she becomes reluctant to continue, and maintains that she's not into one-night-stands. Alan, desperate to continue, lies to her and tells her that this is going to be the first night of many, and that he loves her, which wins her over. She immediately finds though that Alan has climaxed after only a few seconds.

She then tells him that she's glad he loves her because she hasn't been taking contraceptives, which alarms Alan greatly. He then changes his outlook and promises to marry her. Later on Alan is seen having a heated argument with Vicky over the phone, during which he shouts "of course I don't love you!" before slamming the phone down. Despite Alan's efforts, he is unable to keep knowledge of the affair from his wife Sarah.


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