Richie and Eddie have defied continuity and died a number of times at the conclusion of certain episodes. This article discusses the different methods of how the boys have shuffled off their mortal coils, only to bounce back unscathed for the following episode.

Series OneEdit

's UpEdit

Stuck on the roof of their flat whilst looters raid Mr Harrison's shop below, Eddie bravely scales a drain pipe, fights off the robbers and opens the roof hatch allowing them both to climb safely back down again. Their victory is short lived however, when the roof hatch falls shut again, leaving them back at square one. So annoyed is Richie that he squares up to Eddie and punches him in the face, the force of which sends him flying off the roof to his death.

VERDICT: On the basis of empirical evidence, the fall would have killed Eddie instantly.

Series TwoEdit


Whilst Richie narrowly survives a heart attack at episode's end, Eddie surely can't have survived getting his head electrocuted by a pair of defibrillator pads?

VERDICT: Ambiguous; the credits roll before we get to see Eddie's fate.

Series ThreeEdit




Bottom LiveEdit

Mired in debt and under threat of disembowlement from some nasty-sounding debt collectors, Richie decides that suicide is the only option. Richie is assisted in his suicide by Eddie, who builds an electric chair out of the lavatory. The revelation that Eddie's life also may be under threat causes him to throw the switch on them both.

VERDICT: Certain death for both.

Bottom Live - The Big Number 2 TourEdit

Bottom Live 3 - Hooligan's IslandEdit

Bottom Live 2001 - An Arse OddityEdit

Bottom Live 2003 - The Weapons Grade Y-Fronts TourEdit

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