Summary Edit

Sidney Bliss is a recurring character in The New Statesman, and is portrayed by actors Peter Sallis and John Normington.

Overview Edit

Bliss is the landlord of the Hangman's Knot Inn, a pub in Haltemprice. He is a good friend of Alan's and it is revealed in "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" that Bliss is a former hangman, and longs for the return of capital punishment. He is however very neurotic, and suffers from a fear of depths, something which prevents him from helping Alan dump a large amount of nuclear waste down an old mine shaft in "Waste Not, Want Not."

In "Who Shot Alan B'Stard?" Sidney is granted his wish when Alan reintroduces hanging, and ends up almost executing Alan.

Trivia Edit

  1. John Normington took over the role from Peter Sallis for the hour-long special "Who Shot Alan B'Stard?"
  2. Bliss is modeled on real-life hangman Albert Pierrepoint.

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