Summary Edit

Sarah B'Stard is a main character in The New Statesman, and is portrayed by actress Marsha Fitzalan.

Overview Edit

Sarah is married to Alan B'Stard, although from the outset it is clear that it is a marriage of convenience. She is as devious and scheming, if not more so, than Alan himself, and ultimately seeks to kill Alan off so she can live off his inheritance. Throughout the four series Sarah has many affairs, with both men and women. She is the daughter of Roland Gidleigh-Park, leader of the local Tory Party.

In "Happiness Is A Warm Gun," Sarah stands proudly with her husband as he celebrates his election win for the parliamentary constituency of Haltemprice. Later, when Alan successfully pushes a bill through Parliament that sees the arming of the police, she congratulates her husband over the phone, before rolling into bed with her lover, and Alan's political agent, Beatrice Protheroe. She is present at a religious service a short time afterwards, and witnesses the Bishop of Haltemprice condemn Alan's bill, and reminds Alan that he is only as successful politically because of her father's influence.

In "Passport To Freedom," Sarah comes into an inheritance of a significant amount of shares in the Ocelot Motor Company, when her uncle passes away. She celebrates her personal wealth over breakfast with Beatrice, whilst Alan is away at a party conference, and states her intention to divorce him and live happily ever after with Beatrice. Hearing of Sarah's plans, Norman Bormann transfers all of Alan's money into an off-shore bank account, but Alan is not satisfied with this as Sarah can still afford to pay for the divorce, meaning ridicule for Alan and the likely loss of his Tory membership. Alan and Norman instead plan to destroy Ocelot's finances by forging a letter from the Prime Minister. The letter finds its way to Bob Crippen, and details false government plans to de-unionise the trade and reduce wages. The fallout causes Ocelot's share prices to drop sharply, effectively ruining Sarah's plans.

Trivia Edit

  1. Sarah is depicted as bisexual in the first two series, but for the third and fourth series, actress Marsha Fitzalan asked the producers to tone this down so she could be seen having more heterosexual affairs.

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