Summary Edit

SPG is a minor character in The Young Ones, and one of many sentient talking animals featured in the show. SPG is Vyvyan's pet, and for reasons unexplained speaks with a harsh Glaswegian accent. Like his owner, he sports a ginger punk hairstyle and four stars embedded in his head. In "Demolition," SPG escapes from his cage and devours the contents of a saucepan, causing him to expand to an abnormally large size and propel itself across the room with its own flatulence. In an attempt to spite Rick's reverance for Cliff Richard, Vyvyan temporarily renames SPG to the singer's namesake.

In "Bomb" SPG electrocutes Vyvyan with a power cord that was hanging out of Vyvyan's mouth after he had eaten the television to hide it from the TV License man. Vyvyan is furious with SPG and repeatedly stomps on him until he is flattened. He then picks up SPG's remains and puts them in the toaster.

Trivia Edit

  1. SPG stands for "Special Patrol Group," a former tactical unit of the London Metropolitan Police. The unit was controversial, owing to its aggressive tactics and alleged role in the death of anti-Nazi activist Blair Peach in 1979.

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