Rick is one of the four main characters in The Young Ones, and is portrayed by Rik Mayall.


Rick is in his early twenties, sporting short untidy brown hair [sometimes featuring a plait] and a spotty complexion. He habitually wears a black blazer with various anti-government pin badges attached to it, and trousers that are far too short for him.

Personality & LifestyleEdit

Rick is depicted as a petulent, egotistical, self-serving, tantrum-throwing, hypocritical young man who proclaims himself to be an anarchist. Like the rest of the main cast, he is a student of the fictional Scumbag College, although is never seen actually attending any lessons or lectures. He is an attention-seeker and frequently seeks to be the centre of attention amongst his friends by trying, and failing, to be humourous. In "Bambi" his attention-seeking becomes so extreme that he attempts to kill himself in front of Vyvyan and Mike by consuming a large amount of pills he finds in a bottle on top of the fridge. Vyvyan points out moments later that Rick is in fact eating laxative pills. Like his Bottom character, Rick is a virgin, making him the focus of regular taunting by his insane flatmate Vyvyan. This does not stop him bragging about alleged sexual encounters he has had. His lack of experience becomes apparent when, at a house party attended by a group of girls, he routes through one of their handbags and takes out what he believes to be a toy mouse; the small white object turned out in fact to be a tampon. 

His relationship with Vyvyan is very similar to the dynamic of Richie and Eddie, with the two at odds which each other almost all the time, usually resulting in violent physical assault. Over the course of twelve episodes, Vyvyan is seen to poke, prod, punch, stab and hit Rick with all manner of household objects, including planks of wood, a cricket bat and a hammer. In one violent encounter, Vyvyan tries to kill him with a Howitzer machine gun.

Like his Bottom counterpart, Rick is a fantasist and brags about things and experiences he has never actually taken part in, often failing to maintain his lies resulting in ridicule from the rest of the cast. He believes himself to be very attractive, successful and has a wildly distorted view of his own self-importance. He claims to be studying sociology, however mentions that he is studying domestic sciences as well. He is also an aspiring poet, and is seen to compose poems on a small tatty piece of paper, before quoting them to the rest of the housemates, although most of the time none of them pay any attention. Despite his apparent literacy, he has trouble reading the newspaper and admits that he, like Vyvyan, is unable to tell the time.

Rick maintains an anti-Thatcherite disposition, and often goes into long rants about his opinion of the British institution, the Conservative Government and the state of the UK as a whole. He perceives himself to be a revolutionary in the face of the government, however appears to have little understanding of the causes he claims to fight and protest against. In "Summer Holiday" it is revealed that he was born to upper class left-wing parents, and is an only child. He claims to be a vegetarian, an agnostic, and wishes all men to love each other like brothers, apart from Neil, whom he hates. 

He looks down on Neil and dismisses him simply as a "stupid bloody hippy." Like the rest of the household, he ignores Neil for most of the time, even when Neil is trying to tell him, Mike and Vyvyan that he has decided to kill himself. His relationship with Mike however is more amicable, as he appears to admire him and always tries to impress him.

Rick suffers from rhotacism - a speech impediment which prevents the speaker from properly pronouncing the letter 'R.' He may in fact have a fetish for transvestism, when Neil finds a woman's dress in his wardrobe with his name stitched on the label. 

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