Below is a list of pharmaceuticals seen or mentioned in the Bottom saga. Rik and Ade often invented outlandishly-named products for plot devices. With the comic effect often undeniable, they really do need their own section on this Wikia, so here goes.


Pheromone Sex ScentEdit

A solvent-based pheromone spray said to have positive effects on a man's success in attracting women, available in all good sex shops. In "Smells," Richie spots an advert in the Hammersmith Bugle for the spray, and decides to head out to the nearest sex shop with Eddie to buy some. According to a testimonial by the Karachi Medical Gazette, "this stuff attracts women like you would not believe." When tested in the field, the scent of the spray only succeeds in attracting the attention of dogs, and causes Dick the barman to suspect that he has a problem with his drains. At the end of the episode, Eddie ingests a concentrated dose and becomes incredibly horny, first trying to get-off with a chair, and then turn his amorous advances towards Richie.

In the book, Bottom: The Scripts, the product is branded "Dr Glucklick" and features a testimonial by satisfied customer: "One spray of Dr Glucklick's powerful female attractant and I was fighting women off in the disco. Thank you Dr Glucklick, your sex spray has certainly changed my life. I now have ten girlfriends - every night!" GS, Stalybridge.

Drizzle OilEdit

A likely fictional substitute for suntan lotion, suggested by Richie when he decides to make a list of all the things he needs to steal from the chemists in "Break."

Gloom JuiceEdit

Another likely fictional substitute for suntan lotion, suggested by Eddie in reply to Richie's Drizzle Oil.

Wind SmearEdit

Yet another likely fictional substitute for suntan lotion, suggested rather excitedly by Richie. Eddie misinterprets the suggestion as him wanting to take the contents of his underpants...

Gyrrh Edit

A gentleman's aftershave purchased for Dave Hedgehog by his wife for Christmas.

Cleaning ProductsEdit

Balinese East-of-Java Chernobyl O'FoamEdit

In Bottom Live, Richie gives Eddie a bottle of this extremely powerful bathroom cleaning product in order to disinfect the lavatory. So powerful is it in fact that it dissolves the entire basin and most of the bathroom wall, allowing Richie and Eddie to see into the neighbouring flat. Richie remarks that he bought it off an Iraqi. The label states "Guaranteed to kill 99 per cent...of everything...leaving the germs."


Richie's Hangover Cure

Sprouts Mexicaine

The Ester Ranzen

Weapons & PoisonsEdit

Great Uncle Stalin's Love GasEdit

In Bottom Live 2, Eddie utilises a stock of WW2 mustard gas sequestered by his Great Uncle Stalin as a substitute for pheromone love gas. The putrid yellow smoke emitted from its applicator has the desired effect on Eddie, but the full effects are not seen as the scene is cut short by the violent explosion of their homemade fireworks.


A general purpose explosive used for demolitions, blasting and for some military applications. In Bottom Live 2, Richie and Eddie use a large amount of semtex to add some gusto to their fireworks display.

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