Mr Harrison is Richie and Eddie's landlord. He is portrayed by Roger Sloman. In "'s Up" Mr Harrison bursts into the flat demanding a favour from the boys; his mother has just died and he needs them to look after his corner shop whilst he organises the funeral. In "Holy," Mr Harrison leaves his grandson Johnnie on their doorstep, when he wants to watch Goldfinger in peace on the TV. The boys' Christmas miracle is cut short however when Mr Harrison once again bursts into the flat (he must have a key...) and demands his grandson back. He has one known daughter called Valerie.


  1. Roger Sloman appeared in The Young Ones as Mr "Right Bleedin'" Bastard, the TV detector man.
  2. The existence of Mr Harrison contradicts dialogue from the episode "Contest," where Richie and Eddie talk about Aunt Mable, whom Richie rents the flat from.