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Jerzei "Jeremy" Balowski is The Young Ones' manic landlord, one of many members of the Balowski family, and is portrayed by comedian Alexei Sayle. The character of Jerzei made three appearances over the course of two series, in "Demolition, Flood" and "Summer Holiday."

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Jerzei wears a long black trenchcoat and a black bowler hat, and speaks with a poorly feigned Slavic accent. He is in fact, from Liverpool, and his real name is Jeremy.

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Jerzei is an eccentric individual who fakes a Russian accent when speaking to the housemates. When nobody else is around he reverts to his usual native Liverpudlian and breaks the fourth wall, telling the viewer that he isn't actually "foreign." Vyvyan though, is the only person who sees through his facade. In "Demolition," he arrives, uninvited at the house and distributes cans of Coca Cola, apparently in good faith, when in fact he is there to collect overdue rent. He backs down however, when Mike falsely claims to have had a word with two representatives of the Moscow Dynamos ice hockey squad, from which Balowski's presumably went AWOL from in order to defect to the UK.

He is one of a number of Balowski's who appear throughout the two series, including his nephew Alexei Balowski, his son Reggie Balowski, brother Billy Balowski, cousin Tommy Balowski, escaped convict Brian Balowski and medieval jester Jester Balowski.

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Jerzei: I'm not really foreign, y'know...

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  1. Jerzei/Jeremy is one of ten different characters played by Alexei Sayle throughout the two series.