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Mike "The Cool Person" is a main character in The Young Ones, portrayed by British comedian Christopher Ryan. Of the four main cast members, he is the most mature and popular.

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Despite his squalid surroundings, Mike is an immaculate dresser and is always well-groomed and clean. His style of dress is off-kilter with the 1980s, adopting an almost 1950s manner of dress, including zoot suits.

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Mike is the most mature member of the household, likely owing to him being apparently older than the rest of the students. He is obsessed with pursuing the opposite sex, although it is revealed in "Nasty" that he is a virgin, and shares his bed with an inflatable sex doll. He does not display the violent hostility the other housemates do to each other, although on one occasion he knocked Neil out with a cricket bat.

Mike has an unusual sense of humour, often making cheap and confusing jokes that baffle the rest of the household. On at least one occasion he has used his humour to stall Rick so he can get into the bathroom first.

Like the rest of the main cast, he is jobless, and attends Scumbag College apparently through bribing a college Dean. He is somewhat of a con-artist and frequently devises bizarre get-rich-quick schemes, such as renting out Rick's bedroom as a roller disco.

Despite his apparent intelligence, he accidentally nails his own legs to the dinner table to demonstrate Neil's plan to permanently secure the dinner plates to the furniture.

His surname is never spoken in dialogue, nor is it stated in any other media related to The Young Ones.

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  1. Christopher Ryan also portrays Dave Hedgehog in Bottom.

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