Summary Edit

"Interesting" is the fifth episode of the first series of The Young Ones. It was first aired on BBC2 on 7th December 1982.

Plot Edit

The boys decide to host their first house party, and after the Rick and Vyvyan dispose of some unwanted guests, the night soon gets underway. Vyvyan desperately tries to impress some girls by doing press-ups and Rick makes a fool out of himself by mistaking a tampon he has located in one of their handbags for a toy mouse.

The evening later descends into chaos, with many uninvited guests arriving. Neil is beaten up, but later wakes up in his bedroom thinking the entire night was a dream.

Guest Stars Edit

Jennifer Saunders as Guest #1

Dawn French as Guest #2

Mark Arden as Party Crasher #1

Stephen Frost as Party Crasher #2

Music Edit

You're My Kind of Climate by Rip Rig + Panic

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Bloopers Edit

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