Summary Edit

Episode 5 was first aired on 4th February 1987. Filthy gets Richie a job reading celebrity gossip on TV-am and explicitly tells him to be at the studio for 4am. Eddie however does his best to make him as late as possible.

Plot Edit

Filthy gets Richie a spot on TV-am reading celebrity gossip, and tells him that he must be at the studio for his first episode at 4am. Eddie however does his best to drag the journey out, taking in visits to expensive restaurants and nightclubs, getting ever more inebriated as the deadline approaches. Richie shows up for the job utterly wasted and ends up getting arrested.

Guest Stars Edit

Ann Diamond as Herself

Michael Redfern as Policeman

Andy de la Tour as Club Boss

Spencer Collins as Man in Club

Denece Ryland as Woman in Club

Music Edit

Trivia Edit

Actors Michael Redfern and Andy de la Tour made appearances in The Young Ones and Bottom.

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