Summary Edit

Episode 4 was first broadcast on 28th January 1987. Richie loses his brilliant new game show idea to another entertainer.

Plot Edit

Owing to being out of work for three months, Richie comes up with an idea for a brilliant new game show called "Star Golfing Secrets," and pitches it to nice entertainment producer Jumbo Whiffy. Whiffy however cons Richie into signing the rights to the show over to him. Hearing that his father is on his death bed, Richie decides to cash in on it by inviting celebrities to the funeral, but when he recovers he considers murdering him. The plan becomes irrelevant when he receives a letter from his mother telling him she doesn't know who his real father is.

Guest Stars Edit

Mel Smith as Jumbo Whiffy

Suzy Aitchison as Jill

Lynda Bellingham as Ms. Tomkins

Perry Benson as Freddy Gorgeous

Brian Croucher as Landlord

David Lloyd as Rocky

Norman Pace as Eggy Guffer

Ron Pember as Shopkeeper

Quotes Edit

Richie: Selina Scott! Am I forever to be surrounded by poltroons?

Trivia Edit

Fluffs Edit

Where Richie is making gestures to a woman, Jumbo's drink moves around inconsistently between shots.

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