Episode 3 was first broadcast on 21 January 1987. Richie decides to throw a dinner party to celebrate his first ten years in showbusiness, but since neither he nor Eddie have any money, they decide to steal the food from the local supermarket.


Richie is busy preparing a meal to celebrate his first ten years in showbusiness, and reveals in a monologue, and through conversation with Eddie that he has invited several of his entertainment colleagues, including Jimmy Tarbuck, Bruce Forsyth and Michael Parkinson. The duo head down to the local supermarket and fill up a trolley full of food, but when they reach the checkout Richie reveals that he doesn't have any money and falls foul of the cashier who ends up assaulting him. Eddie meanwhile has filled his trousers full of frozen meat and both leg it back to the flat, only to start blaming each other for the robbery. Failing to come to an agreement, they ask Filthy to come up with an alibi for them, which turns out to be a gig at a strip show. The gig is a disaster for Richie, and he ends up getting booed off stage to be met by the police.

Whilst down at the local nick, Richie and Eddie discuss their defence, with Eddie deciding to simply plead insanity. Filthy's choice of lawyer is questionable, given that he is a drunken fantasist. The duo end up miraculously escaping by wearing disguises, and return to the flat to continue dinner. After Eddie shoves all of the meat into the oven, Richie realises that he's forgotten to send out the invites. Whilst contemplating his disappointment and stupidity, the oven violently explodes.

Guest StarsEdit

Jools Holland as The Strip Show Pianist




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