Overview Edit

Over the years Eddie has invented an array of contraptions to help him make money, get fit or just provide a general public service.

Eddie's Gym Edit

in "Break" Richie decides that both he and Eddie need to get fit if they're going to be parading around on the beach. Eddie concocts a makeshift gymnasium in the lounge, consisting of a bicycle-powered treadmill with a top speed of 70mph, and an exercise bar made from some bicycle handlebars, a length of rope and the refrigerator.

The Obscene Currency Forge Edit

Money-making schemes don't get any more literal than this. In "Dough" Eddie barricades himself in his room for several days and constructs a vast bank-note forging device. His "products" are not so successful however, when it becomes apparent he's gotten far too carried away with the design process for his fake money.

The Cattleprod Edit

Used in "Terror" to force people to give them cash when trick-or-treating, this massive taser-like device appears to be rather contrived; the lumps of concrete attached to it suggest it is nothing more than the salvaged remains of a lamppost.

The Santa Trap Edit

The Evacuator Edit

Fully known as the Storm-Force Plus Five Industrial-Grade Evacuator Mk. III. Essentially an industrial-scale vacuum cleaner, The Evacuator thoroughly relieves a client's home of all of its contents and converts them into "black matter." In Bottom Live 5, Eddie uses the machine to perform an emergency colon-evacuation on a very constipated Richie.

The Patent Painless Tattoo-Remover Edit

The clue is in the name really; this device is designed to remove those misguidedly obtained tattoos without any pain at all. In reality, the process is agonising.

The Turdis Edit

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