Summary Edit

Deputy Chief Constable Ginsburg is a minor character in The New Statesman, and is played by actor Brian Horstead. He appears only once, at the conclusion of "Happiness Is A Warm Gun."

Overview Edit

In "Happiness Is A Warm Gun," Alan meets with the Chief Constable of East Yorkshire Police, Sir Malachi Jellicoe, to discuss a weapons deal. Realising that Jellicoe has truly gone mad, he convinces him that the Bishop of Haltemprice is the Devil in order to push Jellicoe out into the public eye as a lunatic. As Jellicoe departs to kill the Bishop, Alan places a call to Ginsburg. Ginsburg's men, disguised as choir boys, apprehend Jellicoe just as he is about to shoot the Bishop dead.

As Jellicoe is led away, Ginsburg congratulates Alan on the tip off, and dreams of the Chief Constableship that Alan suggests. As the episode ends we are led to believe that Ginsburg has, due to Alan's intervention, succeeded Jellicoe.

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