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"Demolition" is the first episode of the first series of The Young Ones. It was first aired on BBC2 on 9th November 1982. Four students of Scumbag College, Rick, Vyvyan, Neil and Mike, discover that their student residence is about to be demolished by the council for being a health hazard. Whilst the others frantically devise their own plans to thwart the council, eternally depressed Neil tries to kill himself.

Plot Edit

Anarchistic housemate Rick is enthusiastically dancing to the latest Cliff Richard song on the radio, whilst hippie-Neil slaves away over the cooker preparing a meal of lentils for the household. They enter into an argument over the significance of Cliff Richard resulting in Rick improvising a poem in tribute to his favourite singer. Neil burns his hands on the pot and drops the entire contents of the pan on the floor, and then bemoans the rest of the house for not helping him with the chores. Neil then tries to kill himself by putting his head in the oven, but Rick fails to notice, and Neil becomes distracted by the horrific state of cleanliness of the oven.

Suave and sophisticated Mike enters and they have what remains of the lentils at the breakfast table, during which lunatic medical student. Vyvyan bursts through the dining room wall holding a severed leg, and tells the rest of the boys that they've received a letter from the council. Neil proclaims again that he intends to kill himself, and says his goodbyes whilst Rick, Vyvyan and Mike bicker over Vyvyan's escaped hamster, SPG, who devours the lentils and then suffers from extreme flatulence.

Meanwhile Neil is in the bathroom trying to hang himself, and merely hits the floor when he realises the rope he has used isn't suitably long. Back downstairs, Vyvyan inexplicably starts destroying the fixtures and fittings in the house, and is interrupted by the appearance of their insane Slavic landlord Jerzy Balowski, who enters uninvited and hands out some Coca-Cola and demands his rent. Mike calls a house meeting out of sight, causing Jerzy to address the audience and proclaim, in a Liverpudlian accent, that he never wanted to be a landlord. The boys return and scare him off with veiled threats about the Moscow Dynamos ice-hockey squad apparently looking for him.

Vyvyan then explains why he has been destroying the place; they've received a demolition notice from the council... but they are interrupted by the appearance of Nine Below Zero playing "Eleven Plus Eleven" live in their lounge. When the song finishes, Vyvyan proclaims that he has a plan to "thwart" the council by destroying the house before the council can, and continues to kick holes in the walls and destroy the place. Rick settles down to try and watch a new "locally-based minority program" on the television called "Nosing Around," which he is horrified to find is drastically out of touch with modern society. In anger, he destroys the television. All the while, Neil continues in his failed suicide attempts.

Mike decides he can sweet talk the local female councilor into not demolishing the place, however the demolition crew soon arrive and proceed to dismantle the house. Rick in the meantime has hung himself from the first floor on a large crucifix in protest at the demolition, whilst Vyvyan drives his car through the garden wall.

Their efforts are fruitless however, as a large passenger plane conveniently crashes onto the house, annihilating it.

Guest Stars Edit

Alexei Sayle as Mr Balowski

Ben Elton as Baz

Music Edit

Eleven Plus Eleven by Nine Below Zero

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