Bottom Live  - The Big Number 2 Tour is the second live show based on the British sitcom Bottom. It was filmed in Oxford in in 1995. Like its predecessor, the live format allowed actors Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson to be ruder and cruder than they were allowed in the television studio.

The PlotEdit

Act 1Edit

Richie struggles through the door having just done his weekly shop at Kwik Save. On the journey up the stairs, he realises he has trodden on a tortoise, which is stuck to his shoe. Eddie taunts Richie by suggesting that the tortoise belonged to a local psychopath called Geoffrey The Psycopathic Penis Remover, when in fact the green object stuck to his shoe is actually an old wartime infantryman's helmet which next door's poodle has "shat in." As the day unfolds, Richie repeatedly has to remind Eddie that the Queen will be heading down Mafeking Parade with her convoy. In hope of attracting her attention, the duo devise a plan to set off some fireworks as she passes, so that they may wiggle their todgers at her. The plan backfires when they are arrested and imprisoned for 350 years under the Anti-Terrorism Act.

Act 2Edit

Act Two begins with Richie and Eddie languishing in jail following the Queen incident. Richie has attracted the charms of Horace Big, who has fallen in love with him and uses Eddie to tell him that he intends to "consummate" their relationship very soon. Not wanting to become his bitch, Richie and Eddie discuss ways to escape, with various elaborate schemes discarded in favour of simply removing some very loose prison window bars. The boys arrive back at the flat in time for the Queen to arrive, but only succeed in blowing themselves and Her Majesty to smithereens.

As with the first show, the duo thank the crowd through several curtain calls, before an enormous black banner is unveiled with "THAT'S IT, FUCK OFF AGAIN" written on it.


In Act One, Rik and Ade struggle to keep a straight face during their "Pat O'Cake" discussion. Rik also trips over the skirting of the sofa resulting in cheers from the audience.

Rik mispronounces "Hammersmith" during a rant about local cuisine leading to mockery from Ade. Rik then breaks character and yells at the audience for cheering. When locating Great Uncle Susan's old war diary, Ade remarks at its convenience and Rik shouts off-stage complaining that the prop was missing from the stage on the previous night's performance. 

In Act Two, Rik mocks an audience member who shouts out "have a wank!" Realising that Rik is indulging himself with the audience interaction, Ade asks 'Have you finished yet? Just I'm beginning to understand why Stephen Fry fucked off.' This was a reference to Fry walking out during the production of Cell Mates, a play he co-starred in with Rik Mayall.

Also in Act Two, Rik realises he has forgotten to put his wristwatch on, preventing him from continuing the scene.

Other bloopers include a mockery of the unseen "sound man," who misses a beat when Eddie removes a metal bar from the prison window. This occurs several times for both characters, with Rik eventually giving the sound man the thumbs up when it's time to remove the final bar.

Rik loses his temper with a tangled prop towards the end of the show and throws it to the floor in frustration.

Rik comes out of character when the flat door won't close and says "I'm Rik Fucking Mayall!" 

During a fight in the prison scene, Rik accidentlly punches Ade in the testicles. Rik apologised to which Ade in character of Eddie replied "It's alright Richie. I've got three fucking kids already" (referring to Ade's three daughters Ella, Beattie and Freya).


  1. This is the only live performance where actors other than Rik or Ade are seen. In the final moments of Act Two, an unnamed female actress dressed as the Queen wanders through the lounge door before being blown up.
  2. In Act Two, Ade ad-libs an acronym whilst signing off a letter address to the Queen. Instead of SWALK (Sealed With A Loving Kiss,) he comes up with OXFORD UNITED for the benefit of the audience. Rik is clearly taken by surprise at the suggestion and eggs him on to spit it out. The result is Oi, Xylophone Fancying Old Regina Deserves Unusual Nine Inch Todger, Excited Darling?
  3. The show marks the second and final appearance of Richie's inflatable girlfriend Monica.
  4. On the wall of the prison cell in Act Two, there is a tatty old poster of The Nolans. In an episode of the Rik and Ade produced comedy Filthy, Rich & Catflap, Richie is blackmailed by the Nolan sisters.