Summary Edit

First broadcast on BBC2 on 23rd November 1982. Boredom sets in for the boys. Pretty boring then...

Plot Edit

The quartet are bored to exasperation, despite the fact that there are roller skating vegetables in the kitchen sink. Several other remarkable and unlikely phenomena occur around them throughout the episode, entirely unnoticed by the characters, as they attempt to find something to relieve their boredom. Even a televised siege that spills into their living room goes unnoticed.

A visit to the local pub, where Vyvyan meets his long-lost mother, and Rick and Neil both reveal that they don't drink, fails to provide entertainment. At one point Neil suggests they go to lectures, but the idea is met with incredulity by his housemates. The exterior shots of the pub scene were filmed at the Westbury Park Tavern in Bishopston, Bristol.

In reference to The Story of the Three Bears, Goldilocks rejects the lentils that Neil has prepared [she dismisses it as "bloody hippie food"] and the Three Bears also reject the lentils and opt to "go to McDonald's" instead.

As they drift off to sleep for another night, a spaceship lands on their roof, with Neil still obliviously sitting on his windowsill.

Guest Stars Edit

David Rappaport as Ftumch

Alexei Sayle as Billy Balowski

Music Edit

House of Fun performed by Madness

Quotes Edit

Trivia Edit

  1. Owing to the episode's racial content, "Boring" is rarely broadcast on television. The context is not pro-racist in itself, rather it satirizes the racial issues plagued by the police at the time, in a scene where a police officer uses racist terms when speaking to white man whom he mistakenly believes is black.

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