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"Bomb" is the fourth episode of the first series of The Young Ones, and was first aired on BBC2 on 30th November 1982.

Plot Edit

In a pre-credits sequence, we see a large bomb being dropped from a plane.

Rick is the first person awake, and is ad-libbing poetry in the bathroom. Neil is roused by his alarm clock, and we learn it is 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Rick discovers a ginger hair on his roll-on deodorant, and furiously accuses Vyvyan of using it. Neil shambles out of his room and falls through an enormous hole in the landing floor. He wearily thanks the guys for telling him about the new hole, then obliviously walks past the large red atom bomb that's leaning against the fridge unexploded.

After the boys hassle Neil for not making breakfast, Vyvyan finally points out that there's a bomb in front of the fridge. Their panic is diverted by the appearance of the TV Licence man, who barges his way in to the house and demands to know where their television is. Vyvyan in the meantime has eaten it, leaving the power cord hanging out of his mouth. Vyvyan's hamster SPG cruelly plugs the cord into the wall, electrocuting him. Vyvyan violently retaliates against SPG by repeatedly stomping on him, then collects the withered remains and places them in the toaster. Further distraction is caused by an appearance by wise-cracking Cockney car dealer Reggie Balowski, who baffles Mike with his rambling and tries to sell him a car.

As the boys try to come up with a plan to blackmail Margaret Thatcher with the bomb, the TV Licence man discovers Dexys Midnight Runners in one of the bedrooms upstairs. Rick devises a plan to send a threatening telegram to the British Government, but fails when he joins the wrong queue at the council offices. Neil however sets out to survive the impending collapse by consulting his Protect & Survive manual, which causes him to paint himself with white emulsion and build a bomb shelter out of the kitchen table. Vyvyan in the meantime is expending his energy trying to get the bomb to go off, first by headbutting it, then bashing it repeatedly with a sledge hammer.

The bomb eventually reacts to the constant interference, cracking in half and releasing a tiny remote controlled plane, revealing the bomb to be in fact an egg.

Guest Stars Edit

Alexei Sayle as Reggie Balowski

Roger Sloman as Right Bleedin' Bastard

Music Edit

Jackie Wilson Said by Dexys Midnight Runners

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