Summary Edit

Bob Crippen is a recurring character in The New Statesman, and is portrayed by actor Nick Stringer.

Overview Edit

Crippen is a Labour MP and, like Alan, has a large majority in the House of Commons. He represents the deprived inner-city constituency of Bramall, which coupled with his northern heritage is a constant source of ridicule from Alan. Crippen began his working life in a car factory, and then went on to become a leader of a trade union, before becoming the MP for Bramall. His socialist disposition contrasts sharply with that of far-right Alan B'Stard. Although Crippen is quick to temper, he cares for the people of his constituency and always tries to do the decent, honest thing.

In "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" Crippen furiously speaks out against Alan's plans to arm the police, during a Commons session in which the law ends up getting passed by a majority of 11. In "Passport To Freedom," he enters into an argument with Alan, when Alan jumps the queue at the service desk at Heathrow Airport.

Trivia Edit

  1. Crippen is reputedly modeled on real-life Labour MP John Prescott.

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