"Fatty" Amal is an unseen character in the sitcom Bottom. He is mentioned twice, first in "Gas" and later in "Carnival." He is the proprietor of the kebab shop situated opposite the flat. In "Gas" Richie telephones him late at night and tries to sell him the corpse of the gas man they believe they have killed, but tells Richie that he's alright for meat for the week because his dog got ran over. In "Carnival," Amal is observed by Richie and Eddie smashing the front window of his shop during a riot; Eddie comments that he saw Amal take out an insurance policy earlier in the day.


  1. Amal's nickname of "Fatty" is not given until "Carnival''.

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    • Nice piece of trivia, love it, thank you for the contribution!
    • Fatty is probably not really a nickname. It's just a mispronunciation of the Arabic first name Fathi.

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